Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baby Layton has arrived

Caleb Stone Layton was born on Thursday, July 14th at 8:15am, weighing 7lb 1oz. We are enjoying having a newborn again and all the cute little things they do. He is adorable and snuggly and just a precious little baby. All the kids LOVE him (a little too much) and are constantly wanting to hold him and touch him and give him kisses.

Here's the best (although unflattering) profile picture just before having the baby. I was braiding Valencia's hair just before the baby came so I wouldn't have to do it for awhile. I thought for sure this baby would be my biggest because he jetted out there so far, but nope - he was smaller than Beckett.

The kids came to visit me in the hospital and meet the new baby the next day and they were all excited to hold him.

Our new family of six. I still can't believe I have 4 kids! I haven't been left alone with all four yet so I don't really know how that will be.

Here are some pictures of the other kids to compare -- who do you think Caleb looks like, Tallie or Beckett??

Beckett's newborn pictures:


Tallie's newborn pictures:


  1. I vote that he is a Beckett look-a-like:)

    Congratulations on #4! Time flies, doesn't it? You have a beautiful family. Maybe I'll get to meet your kids one day:)

    Best wishes Teresa and family

  2. So, I must be a really bad friend or something...Since I didn't even know that you were pregnant. I guess we really need to catch up.

    Caleb is so cute! How fun to have two girls and then two boys:)

    I think all of your kids look so much alike (at least as babies).

  3. We are so excited for you! We love the pictures! Thanks for sharing. He is adorable! :)

  4. Yeah for you guys!! He's so cute and definitely a Layton baby. Congrats!!

  5. totally beckett..
    you are the cutest pregnant lady ever!!
    (well, maybe a tie with annie..)
    he is so sweet. congratulations!

  6. Oh he's so cute! Congratulations! We'd love to see you if you're ever in Utah.

  7. I'm not sure who he looks most like, so I'll give my vote to Valencia.

    Sorry I haven't called to say congratulations; I knew your mom was here for a bit, and figured you were probably busy and/or tired after that and didn't want to take away any peace and quiet you might be relishing. I hoped to see you soon enough, anyway.

    Congratulations on your new little Buckett! We're so happy for you and your family of SIX!!! (My Goodness!!!)

  8. Yup he's a Beckett, But we have to compare on Skype.