Saturday, October 30, 2010


Here are the kiddos in their Halloween costumes. The girls wanted to be mermaids this year and I had a very fun time making their costumes. In fact, I didn't even have to take a trip to the fabric store -- I pieced them together with things in the house -- mainly from their old dance recital outfits (which I thought would horrify them but they didn't seem to mind). I had SO much left over felt from the playhouse that I decided to make felt fish bags to go along with their costumes.

Do you see anything missing?? That would be a cute 21 month old that cries everytime he sees his costume. I forced it on once but that didn't go over well and only lasted for about 5 minutes, so no cute elephants this year!

We went trick or treating on Thursday afternoon/evening at some shops in Marblehead. The weather was amazing -- 75 degrees. While we were out we stopped for pizza because everyone was starving.

We've had several "Halloween" dinners this month. I found some fun and very yummy recipes.

We thought these stuffed mini pumpkins were great. The jack o' lantern rolls were a lot of fun for the kids too. We also had witch fingers in bandages (mini hot dogs wrapped in puffed pastry - with some ketchup on the end for nail polish)
And caramel apples:

I haven't done the Jack o Lantern quesadillas yet -- they're on for tomorrow's lunch.
As a side note -- this is Valencia's first Halloween. People ask me how she likes it -- what's not to like?? Dressing up as a mermaid and getting candy! She loves it! It's fun to see her experience all these firsts. I sometimes forget that it's only been nine months since she came home and all of these things are new to her.