Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Haitian bags for sale!

In May Jared had a work event that I took advantage of to raise money for Haiti. As part of my fundraiser I ordered some Haitian made bags to sell. It's through a program that teaches women to sew, which enables them to take care of their families and feed their children. The women begin in a literacy class and when they've completed it they move onto the sewing class. As part of the program they sew bags that you can purchase.

After the earthquake there was a lot of interest in the bags and the batch that I ordered for the event just showed up, so now I'm trying to find homes for them. I've contacted all the local people I know, so I'm now posting pictures of them here so you can browse and decide which one you want. I still haven't decided which one (or two or three!) I want -- they're really neat bags. I took the pictures so you can see how big/small they are. They all have an inside pocket - some have 2 or 3 pockets inside.

You will write a check to: Heartline Ministries

You can learn more about this sewing program at:

Have fun shopping!

Bag#1 - $30 SOLD

Bag#2 - $40

Bag#3 - $25 SOLD

Bag#4 - $30

Bag#5 - Coconut - burlap - $40

Bag#6 - Jess - $30

Bag#7 - Square - $20 SOLD

Bag#8 - Cafe - burlap - $30 SOLD

Bag#9 - Feed - $25 SOLD

Bag#10 - $25 SOLD

Bag#11 - Coconut - $40

Bag#12 - burlap - $40 SOLD

Bag#13 - Sheila - $35 SOLD

Bag#14 - $30

Bag#15 - Chelsey - burlap - $40

Bag#16 - Chelsea - burlap - $40

Bag#17 - Agathe - $30 SOLD

Bag#18 - Tie - $20 SOLD

Bag#19 - $35