Friday, May 15, 2009

out of IBESR!!

Okay everyone - most of you don't know what "IBESR" is, but it's the bottomless pit we've been stuck in for over 1 1/2 years with our adoption, and last night we got word that yesterday we were FINALLY signed out!!

I get lots of questions about the adoption process and why it takes so long. Here's a summary - we're through #9.

1 We receive your homestudy 1-8 weeks
and you are proposed a child

2 Family sends a notarized, translated, authenticated and 2 weeks
Haitian consulate stamped POA - to begin children dossier

3 Dossier arrives in Haiti at the orphanage Haiti Process starts

4 We prepare it for legalization at the Minister of 2 weeks
Foreign Affairs office. They legalize the signature
of the Haitian Consular Officer that legalized the
dossier at the Haitian Embassy in US or Canada

5 Once dossier is returned it is prepared for the Nat. 2-3 weeks
Office of Social Welfare (IBESR) & sent to our lawyer

6 The social history of child is prepared (dossier). If family 4-8 weeks
has sent POA then there will not be any additional time

7 Dossier is deposited in IBESR. 8-24 weeks
*Note: 500-1000 dossiers from various countries
are in the queue at this office at any given time.
Each dossier is a file of about 200 pages, which has to be
carefully read and approved.

8 Dossier is approved by IBESR

9 Family encouraged to travel to Haiti to complete their
I600 paperwork in person - saves time at pickup.

10 Paperwork sent to Agency from Creche:
Child Birth Certif, Relinquishment Paper, Adopt Decree

11 Dossier is sent to Parquet - courts 4-8 weeks
Birth parents must appear at court

12 Dossier is approved by Parquet

13 Courts - Second Legalization 2 - 4 weeks
a. Once the dossier is released from the Parquet, the dossier comes back to us. The court papers are typed and turned in to court for the finalization of the adoption process.
b. Attestation of the signature on the act of adoption. This is when Archives in Haiti says that the signature on the adoption decree matches the judge who signed it. Just legalizing the signature.
c. Legalization at the Minister of justice department. Papers must be legalized here for all countries, saying that the signature is the legal signature of the Judges involved on ALL papers.
d. Legalization at the Minister of Foreign affairs.

14 Dossier enters Minister of Interior 4- 8 weeks
There are 3 departments which the dossier must pass

15 Dossier is signed out of MOI

16 Files sent to Passport office for printing of the 1-2 weeks
children’s passport

17 Passports issued - reviewed for accuracy sent to USCIS 1-3 weeks

18 “At the same time that the passport application is in the
works, the U.S. Immigration process must be complete:”
a. an INS appointmnet is made
b. birthparents must be present for USCIS interview 2 weeks

19 Visa application is filed, and appointment in Haiti
to receive the visa is scheduled. 1-2 weeks

20 You are ready to come to Haiti to bring your child home

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dance Recital & Beckett's Blessing

We had a busy weekend with Tallie's first dance recital (dress rehearsal on Friday and recital on Saturday) and Beckett's blessing on Sunday. We also had Jared's parents visiting us, which meant we worked on house projects. Jared and his dad worked on the kitchen trimming in the windows, adding baseboard, and putting molding around the top of the cabinets, and Connie and I planted flowers in the garden.

Beckett's white suit was the cutest thing ever. I think he might just have to wear it every Sunday, even if it is a little weird - it's just too cute to wear once.

On an earlier post I had said that I thought my kid would be the one to cry on stage during her performance - well, I know my kid pretty well :) On Friday for the dress rehearsal Tallie was very nervous and ran off stage crying about 2 seconds after going on stage. But after her class we stayed and watched all the other groups do their dances and she thought that was a lot of fun to watch - which made her more interested in doing it herself. Friday night before bed she told me she wasn't going to cry on Saturday and she was going to do her dance. All day Saturday she was excited to dance, but as the girls lined up behind stage, she became nervous and grabbed onto my leg and didn't want to go out. Right then it was time for her group to go out, so I pushed her back in line and the sent the girls out and she stayed and danced!! I was so excited that she did it, and she did a great job. I'll have to post a clip later.

I had to include this picture of Tallie. She's REALLY been into her stuffed animals lately and they ALL have to sleep on her bed with her. I went into check on her one night and this is what I found - she barely had room for herself.