Monday, June 22, 2009


I've been taking some videos of the kiddos lately - here are a few to enjoy...

Beckett's learning to eat:

Tallie gave Jared a pinata for Father's Day. It was the toughest pinata - it took forever to break it open. Tallie loved hitting it and Beckett loved watching it get hit - I don't think he's ever laughed so hard. We caught a little bit of it on video:

On Saturday we went to a Strawberry Festival and had a great time. They had an area with hay where the kids could search for wooden strawberries. Tallie loved it and wanted to play there the whole time. We also went on a hay ride and sampled a bunch of strawberry foods.

Tallie searching for strawberries:
Jared and Beckett watching Tallie:
Us on the hayride:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

funny things

I just wanted to post some funny pictures of my kids.

Beckett loves to feel cuddly. If I want him to go to sleep all I have to do is pop in the binky and put a blanket next to his face.

I took this picture today -- it was the first time Beckett sat in his highchair. Tallie of course wanted to be in the picture too... not sure what she's doing. It looks like Beckett is wondering the same thing.

I had to take this picture so we could remember what our dinner time is like. Tallie turned her end piece of bread into a "tent" and poked holes into it and then started dropping her peas (that she was supposed to be eating) into the holes. Jared and I finish eating usually around 40 min before Tallie finishes.

I walked past Tallie's room the other day and this is what I saw... she's really into the princess thing.

I just learned that the older kids at the orphanage have been going to the village school for preschool now. They have a preschool room right in the orphanage for the kids, but I guess once they reach a certain age they've moved up and now get to go to the village school. Every child wears this uniform which includes the bag over her shoulder. I think it's adorable and I bet she loves being able to leave the orphanage compound for a few hours.